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Don’t click on that link!

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Don’t click on that link!

I received an email today that said it came from Canine Corners, but it didn’t look right.

The subject line said BIG!

The message said something to this effect: Can’t see the full message? Click on here (in blue–It was a link)

I recently read an article by  Bob Rankin about dangerous emails, and I followed his instructions for deciphering the link. This is what the full link looked like:


I think the Canine Corners email has been compromised, and I think the emails of some people who go to the park have also been compromised because when I opened, I found a whole slew of suspicious emails in there.

That could be a serious problem, the least worrisome of which is that someone is using our computers to send out spam. Some of the other possibilities are almost too scary to mention. You can read about them in Future Crimes, by Marc Goodman. It’s available on Amazon.

If you see get a link from “Canine Corners” or anyone you know at the dog park that doesn’t look right to you..

Whatever you do, don’t click on it.


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