Where will it go?


Here Comes Akina!

We adopted Akina in 2010 from, A Passion For Paws, an Akita rescue in Romoland, Ca.  She was four years old and living at one of their foster homes in Apple Valley with five other Akitas, one of whom was her sister.  They found Akina and her sister tied to a tree in a park in Long Beach.  Akina (like all other Akitas) is pretty aloof toward humans,  but very much attached to her owners.  Akina is definitely a “Daddy’s girl”.  When my husband Jeff isn’t home she waits by the door listening to every car go by and hoping the next one will be his.  Akina will never wander far from us, and she refuses to go if someone else tries to walk her.

Akina is very territorial, which is also typical for Akitas.  If another dog comes over into our home, Akina will gather up her toys and chewies and move them all to one area so she can properly guard them.  Akina is a pretty laid back dog, which is perfect for us.  She couldn’t be better behaved – she’ll walk right into the shower and won’t get out until you tell her to.  She knows lots of tricks too, but she won’t bother to do them for anything less than a treat.

Akina also served as the flower girl in our wedding, which was in November of 2011.  She outweighed the ring bearer by about 70 pounds!

Akina’s new birthday is the day we adopted her.  She will be 7 years old on August 9, 2013.  We love her more than anything and consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have found her.

Misty Howard

Akina 2