Where will it go?

Here comes Clifford!

Happy at the Dog Park                                                                                                                                                                      Thanks, but…I’ll drive!


Clifford’s Story

About eight years ago, my son, Kevin, told my wife Pat & I that he’s going down to the El Cajon Shelter to look at dogs. My response was that it has been over two years since Aussie, our last dog, died and that we have been doing just fine since. Kevin assured us that all he is going to do is look. I felt there’s no harm in that so I told him: “ have fun”.

When Kevin returned, he emphatically insisted that we go look at a dog named Clifford. Because he was so insistent about this, we gave in and agreed. The lady at the shelter told us that Clifford was a pit bull / lab mix. That he had been in the shelter for about a month. She also warned us that he doesn’t get along with other dogs too well. He is, however, great with people and children. We left telling ourselves we would think it over.

It was decision we never had to make because the next thing we know Kevin and Clifford are walking through our front door. Kevin paid the Shelter $80 and Clifford was now his (our) dog.

While we all immediately fell in love with Clifford, it took Clifford a little time to adjust to us. He kept running off sometimes climbing over our 6’ fence to get out. We were always able to find him and he always came back willingly and was excited to be back home. This continued until he was picked up by Animal Control and put back into the shelter (Doggie Jail). When I went to pick him up he was very excited and happy to see me. You could tell he was truly relieved that I had come to get him. He has never ran away since.

Our first trip to the dog park did not go well. We left probably within a few minutes if not seconds. Clifford did not get along well with other dogs. We continued to work with Clifford and thanks to the encouragement of Linda, Ron and others we got to the point that we were able to come the park without major problems. Clifford still has his issues but overall I think he generally gets along very well at the dog park. I know he loves coming there.

Clifford is now 11 years old. We got him when he was three. All we know about him is that he was picked up as a stray on Madison Avenue in El Cajon near El Cajon High School. The true story about what happened to his ear may never be known. It is said that he lost a piece of it while rescuing children from a burning orphanage. This certainly adds to his legacy. If there one trait that I would use to describe Clifford, it is that he loves being a dog. He is an alpha male that hates cats, loves to chase rabbits and birds, dig for gophers, snap at bees, wrestle with other dogs and have the ladies scratch him behind the ears.

Clifford and I thank all of you for being our friends and we look forward to coming to the Canine Corners Dog Park for many more years.

Clifford enjoying a Summer Concert in the Park

clifford3clifford4                                                                                                   I love Santa!!!