Where will it go?



Molly is a black lab  and  border collie mix. I picked out her from a litter of two puppies, she was 7 &1/2 weeks old. She was the sweet playful one 🙂

Molly’s now 10 months old and that’s still her personality .. Sweet, friendly & happy, Molly is just a joy!<3
Molly loves her visits to the dog park.. She can tell when we’re getting close and she whines and paces, back & forth, in the back seat of the car. Her favorite game is tug of war with the rope and she loves to find another dog to play this game with! She’ll chase a ball or frisbee but at the dog park she usually gets too distracted to bring them all the way back and runs off to play with the other dogs instead.
One of my favorite things about her is that Molly likes “hugs!” I just reach my arms over her back & around her chest and she just leans in while I squeeze and giver her a big hug!
So . . . here’s Molly!
Molly with her sister – it was hard not to adopt them both!
I took her home in a Trader Joe’s shopping bag – she was 7 1/2 weeks old!



Molly’s favorite spot for napping – until she got too big!




Her favorite toy at 2 months old – could she be any cuter?



Looking perplexed wearing a cone after having been spayed.
She is growing up.



She just gets more beautiful.  Molly at 6 months with her favorite toy!


This is one of my favorite pictures of Molly.  When I spotted her playing with this leaf I told her to sit and

stay while I ran back for my camera.  She sat and waited for me!  Was I impressed.



Now she runs and plays at the park whenever she gets the chance . . . hasn’t she grown into a wonderful Miss Molly?



Gotta run . . . just try and catch me!    See you at the dog park!

That’s my Molly!