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Paw Prints March 2017 Newsletter

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Paw Prints March 2017 Newsletter               

Paw Prints
A Monthly Newsletter of
Happenings at
Canine Corners Dog Park

Hello Everyone.

This is the March 2017 edition of Paw Prints, our dog park newsletter. It has been awhile since the last printing, almost a year. I hope it is informative and that you enjoy it.


The 2017 Canine Corners Dog Park Council elected new officers in January. John Palmer was elected Chairperson and Janet Freeman was elected Secretary. Anna Brynjulson remains co-chairperson while Robin Bell remains treasurer.

We also welcomed two new members to the Council Stacey Dass and Aly Fair. Both have volunteered to help us for the next two years. They replace long time members Lois Duke and Dennis Strong. Thank you Lois and Dennis for all you have done for us.

Canine Corners Dog Park has been serving our dog community for nearly 16 years. Many people are surprised to learn that the dog park is solely supported by volunteers and donations under a written agreement with the City of La Mesa. This arrangement has been in effect since the dog park’s inception. We are thankful to those individuals in the past who were willing to devote their time and effort to make this dog park possible. They have had to overcome many obstacles.

Presently, the operations of Canine Corners Dog Park are overseen by the Canine Corners Dog Park Council. There are five members on the Council. Each member serves a term of two years. The operations and activities of the Council are guided by written bylaws. The dog park has been designated as a 501(C)3 Tax Exempt Corporation by the IRS. This means your gifts and donations to Canine Corners Dog Park are tax deductible.

Lost Friend

Halbert, beloved companion of Sandy Butterfield and her pack, passed away recently. Halbert was special in that he was both deaf and blind. Despite these handicaps, Halbert did quite well in getting around our dog park. Our sympathies and condolences go out to sandy and her pack for their loss.

If you know of a dog that has passed away and would like to add a note about him or her in this newsletter please let us know by emailing us at . Thanks.

Magnetic Bumper Stickers

If you haven’t purchase your magnetic dog park bumper sticker, you are encouraged to so. They are very cool and cost $5 each. The money we receive helps support our dog park. You can buy one from any member of the dog park Council.

Rotary Club

Canine Corners has teamed with the Rotary Club of La Mesa to schedule a dog park improvement and cleanup day. The date is set for April 29. We have provided a list of projects to the Rotary Club which they have indicated they are willing to help us achieve. The park will be closed that morning until noon.

Gate Repair

The Council has approved money to repair the large swing gate between east and center dog park areas. The Council also approved funding to install a fence barrier to keep the small dogs from charging the entry area where the large dogs enter the dog park. We think this will help reduce the ruckus and commotion that sometimes occurs here.
2018 calendar

Special thank you to Stacey and Aly for organizing the calendar photoshoot, Saturday, 3/18. Thanks to all of you who helped Stacy and Aly make this event a success. The theme of the shoot was Saint Pawtrics Day. You can view the photos on Canine Corners Facebook page. If you missed this one do not fret, future photoshoots are being planned.


The Council is planning a raffle to help raise funds for the dog park. Prizes will be baskets full of cool dog toys and other stuff. More information will forthcoming.

Amazon Smile

You can now help support your dog park whenever you purchase an item online by using the Amazon Smile. Simply go to . Log into your Amazon account or register for an account if you don’t have one. Select Canine Corners Dog Park as the charity you wish to donate and make your purchase. You will receive a confirming email or text from Amazon Smile indicating your purchase and donation was successful. Canine Corners will receive 0.5% of the purchase value.
Eat Out and Support Your Dog Park

Canine Corners has an opportunity to team with local restaurants that will contribute a portion of their evening’s proceeds our dog park. The Council is in the process of selecting the restaurants and dates. This is a great chance to enjoy a good meal and support your dog park at the same time. More information will be available soon.

Flag Day Parade

Start getting ready. The La Mesa Flag Day Parade will be June 3. Like previous years, we are planning for a great turnout. We’re hoping to see all you in your finest patriotic dress. More information will be provided as the event date gets closer.
Agility Equipment

The Council accepted Bill Pogue’s offer to purchase and install agility equipment in the dog park. Bill requested that he be allowed to purchase and install weave polls in the small dog area. Thanks Bill for helping make Canine Corners a great dog park.

Meeting with City of La Mesa

The Council will meet with City representatives in the dog park, March 28 to discuss repairing the soil erosion caused by recent rains and possible additional water outlets. We are hoping the City will be able to help us.

Rattlesnake Alert

The following was sent to Canine Corners email from Karen Harrison. It is important to check with your vet to make sure you are prepared.

We just came from a routine vet appointment with our dog. A man ran in asking for antivenom for his dog because of a rattlesnake bite. Our vet said it was the third call in two days. The weather has warmed up enough so they’re out during the day. The emergency and specialty center on Jackson has the antivenom and a new emergency hospital in El Cajon (maybe a VCA?) does as well. Most vets don’t have it. If a dog gets bitten, it’s critical to get some Benadryl in him and get antivenom ASAP. Hopefully no one will need this message.
The next Council meeting will be April 16 at 3:00 pm in the West Section of the dog park. Thanks for helping make Canine Corners a great dog park

The Canine Corners Dog Park Council



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